Enigma World

An enigma refers to a perplexing text that is often ambiguous and at times inexplicable, something like a puzzle or riddle. An enigma remains a mystery as the paradox is often difficult to understand. An enigma may involve a puzzle, picture or a question that contains a hidden meaning. It can also refer to a puzzling situation or occurrence that is largely inexplicable. Enigma is also used with reference to a person who exhibits contradictory characteristics and is often puzzling to the others. Enigmas may be used as a test for judging the mental prowess of candidates before recruiting them in a company.

For the British and later her allies it was quite simply the difference between the life and death of hundreds of thousands of her people and her survival in the face of the German onslaught across Europe, and for those who worked at Bletchley Park and remained nameless for decades it was a pursuit to break the code and save the nation.