Paul with the first replica

Paul with the first replica

From a Dream to a Reality

The story of passion by a dedicated engineer & history enthusiast.

My name is Paul Brougham, I began my career in engineering straight from school where I joined a company that manufactured electronics for the M.O.D’s Decca radar and other similar products.

So, many years later combining my deep interest of WWII and wanting or hoping to find a real Enigma machine that I could afford to buy, the inevitable idea arose “Why not make one from scratch?”

The idea was there but the ‘how’ was to take five years of patient research. A great help came when a WW11 collector friend, on hearing of my quest, gave me access to his original Luftwaffe 3 rotor Enigma machine.

That allowed me to take all the critical dimensions and to see exactly how the internal mechanisms worked.

During those five years of researching and tracking down suppliers of the very many parts necessary to build an authentic looking replica, I talked to many people who were fascinated by the project and their enthusiasm made me realise that there is a growing interest and need for a well-made but faithful reproduction of the WW11 Army Enigma Cipher Machine.

Enigma Machine

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide WW11 Historians and Collectors; Cypher Enthusiasts; The Higher Educational System; Re-enactment Groups; Museums; Film and TV Companies with an exceptional replica Enigma machine.

The challenge has been met and we are now confident enough to say that if you were to place our Replica next to an original WW11 Army Enigma machine you will not be able to tell them apart.


You can even encrypt a message up to 20 characters and then set the machine to ‘De-Crypt’ which brings back the your plain text, just as the original. To ‘Encrypt / Decrypt’ we have created a software “Turing Machine” that replicates the input/output processes of an original Enigma Machine, even to the point where it will never encode a letter to itself, a flaw that helped Bletchley Park break into the code.

Knowing how focused we were to do the job right, Bletchley Park have assisted in our journey, as they themselves see the benefit in having true replicas that the general public can interact with. This is something that is becoming more important as the age / value of the original enigma machines increase year on year.

I hope you can join us in our journey and have your very own treasured replica WW11 Army Enigma Cipher Machine.

Paul Brougham